At Riccar, we are driven by one passion – to make world-class vacuums.  Other companies fret over selling the most vacuums.  Riccar puts the emphasis on selling the most incredible vacuums.  First and foremost, we start with performance.  We’re obsessed with suction and with air flow numbers.  We agonize over tiny tweaks to the motors, the fans and the seals seeking the most robust performance possible from each component we design.  It’s no wonder that a company completely obsessed with cleaning performance reinvented the way a vacuum cleans. 

Our Revolutionary Tandem Air Technology

There were two types of vacuum cleaner technologies, direct air machines which cleaned carpets incredibly well and clean air machines that offered advanced filtration and the convenience of on-board tools.  Unfortunately, neither type of vacuum offered everything.  That was until the engineers at Riccar wondered what would happen if you combined the two previous cleaning technologies in one vacuum.  The result was a vacuum that produced better cleaning performance numbers than anyone had ever seen and featured advanced filtration and the convenience of on-board tools … Tandem Air vacuums were born. 

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